Unravelling The Pink City walking tour in Jaipur charts one of the most popular Jaipur heritage walking route maps and possesses vibrant & buzzing street scenes. The bustling street depicts a unique face, every time; each moment is unique, never to be replicated. This is a must-do activity in Jaipur for explorers & travellers seeking offbeat experiences & things to do in Jaipur. It offers myriad elements to immerse in.  

Unravelling The Pink City walking tour helps travellers interpret the evolution and history of the Pink City.


What To Expect In Unravelling The Pink City Walking Tour In Jaipur

The walking tour entails exploring the by-lanes of Jaipur’s old city with active street scenes and bazaars. It showcases the mansions or Havelis and charts the history & evolution of Jaipur. A few of the elements of the tour include:

  • Buzzing Street Scenes
  • Architecture
  • Mansions or Havelis
  • Craftsmen

Duration Of The Walking Tour In Jaipur

The estimated duration of this Jaipur walking tour is 75-90 minutes.

Beyond Forts & Palaces Heritage Walking Tour Vs Unraveling The Pink City Walking Tour | How Do They Differ?

Unlike the “Beyond Forts & Palaces” Jaipur heritage walking tour, “Unraveling the Pink City” explores one of the many blocks of the  Jaipur Walled City. A crisp walking tour is ideal for people on tight timelines. 

Areas Covered By Jaipur Walking Tour

Pink City Beyond Forts & Palaces walking tour in Jaipur charts its route in the Jaipur Walled City area; This area is also known as old Jaipur City.

All About Jaipur Walled City

Jaipur Walled City is an old city area that dates back to 1727 AD when the city was founded. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The walking tour originates from a starting point not far from one of three large public squares and ends in one of the bazaars of the Jaipur Walled City. The details of the starting point are shared upon booking the walking tour

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Our walking tours do not comprise visits to shops, factories, or outlets. Jaipur Retold does not encourage shopping directly or indirectly in the tours. Jaipur Retold is committed to providing travelers and explorers with a unique experience in Jaipur with walks. 

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