Jaipur Walking Tours
Jaipur Retold currently offers these three walking tours in Jaipur.
Jaipur Walking Tours
Jaipur Retold currently offers these three walking tours in Jaipur.
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Pink City Beyond Forts & Palaces Walking Tour in Jaipur

Pink City heritage walking tour in Jaipur offers a sneak peek into lesser-explored areas of the Jaipur walled city. Trudging along some of the historic places yet focusing entirely on unexplored aspects of the pink city.

What To ExpectIn This Walking Tour :
The walk entails exploring bazaars, bylanes, temples, Havelis, history, and much more.

Unraveling The Pink City Heritage Walk

This tour charts one of the most popular walking route maps in Jaipur and possesses vibrant& buzzing street scenes. Unraveling The Pink City Heritage Walk in Jaipur helps travelers interpret the evolution and history of the pink city.

What To ExpectIn This Walking Tour :
The walking tour in Jaipur entails exploring the by lanes of the pink city with active street scenes and bazaars. It showcases the mansions of the nobility and charts the history & evolution of Jaipur.

Custom Walking Tours in Jaipur

Jaipur Retold offers you the possibility of a custom walking tour in Jaipur. Now you can decide what you want to see and experience in Jaipur with our customised Jaipur heritage walking tour. The Jaipur walking tour can be customized for a duration ranging from one to five hours.

Why Should You Do A Jaipur Walking Tour?

Embarking on the Jaipur walking tour represents a journey into the heart of the walled city of Jaipuroffering a distinctive and intimate encounter with its rich heritage and culture. This immersive experience goes beyond the superficial gaze of conventional “coach tours,” which tend to skim the surface of tourist attractionslacking the depth that walking tours inherently possess. The walled city of Jaipur is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The allure of a Jaipur walking tour lies in its ability to weave a personal narrative, allowing participants to engage with the Pink City on a profound level. Unlike coach tours, where detachment is inevitable, walking tours sometimes facilitate connections with locals. The opportunity to pose questions and engage in meaningful conversations opens a portal to diverse perspectives, fostering a comprehensive understanding of a local resident.

What Kind of Walking Tours are Offered By Jaipur Retold?

Not merely a stroll through historical landmarks, Jaipur Retold’s walking tours are a meticulous exploration of Jaipur‘s narrative; a harmonious blend of history and culture. Delving into the historical facet, the tours unveil the architectural marvels that bear witness to Jaipur‘s past. Simultaneously, the cultural dimension immerses participants in the vibrant local customs and daily life.

Jaipur walking tours demand an expert, a custodian of Jaipur‘s stories; and a capability to unravel the intricate threads to connect the city‘s past to its present. It is a symbiotic journey where the traveler becomes an integral part of responsible tourism, contributing positively to the community with an environmentally friendly travel style.

In essenceJaipur Retold’s walking tours transcend the ordinaryoffering an extraordinary odyssey into the soul of the Pink City, Jaipur. It is an odyssey that promises not just sightseeing but a holistic understanding of Jaipur‘s essence, past, and present.