Jaipur Retold is a passion project of Arv, a visual storyteller who recounts the stories & pictures of Jaipur on his blog

Jaipurthrumylens is an award-winning and one of its kind blog on Jaipur. It was awarded the best photography blog in the Bloggers Bash Award in June 2019, in London.  

The walking tours in Jaipur are an extension to share and narrate the forgotten stories, facts & anecdotes of Jaipur.  The extensive explorations of the city over the last few years provided the content for the walking tours in Jaipur.

Busy with his business, otherwise, he undertakes heritage walking tours in Jaipur during fixed time slots.


“A city is a language, a repository of possibilities, and walking is the act of speaking that language, of selecting from those possibilities. Walkers are ‘practitioners of the city,’ for the city is made to be walked” Rebecca Solnit

Jaipur Retold Walking Tours | What We Want To Do with our Jaipur Walking Tours?

Jaipur Retold is an effort to bring back the joy of exploring with well-curated & researched walking tours in Jaipur. Unlike touristy walking tours listed on online platforms & aggregators, Jaipur Retold strives to provide a unique and authentic guided walking tour experience in Jaipur’s old city.

Jaipur Retold intends to assist travelers & explorers in uncovering a few of the several layers of the pink city. Being an avid traveler himself, ARV recognized the need to share his explorations in Jaipur over the last few years with travelers & explorers bringing forth the side unseen by most travelers. In a world full of touristy experiences, it is hard to find authentic ones. Jaipur Retold took shape to assist explorers and travelers in experiencing “Jaipur Differently”. 


Why Our Jaipur Walking Tours Are Authentic Travel Experiences?

What do we mean by authentic travel experience with our Jaipur walking tours? Travel experts based on many studies concluded what is considered to be an authentic travel experience? Most travelers want a connection and engagement with locals. Travelers and explorers want to learn about the customs, cultures, lifestyles, and belief systems of the locals, beyond the superficial and cursory level. All these are cornerstones of the walking tours in Jaipur by Jaipur Retold.  

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