Most travelers and explorers interested in Jaipur heritage walking tours are curious souls. It is but natural they are brimming with queries. We understand there will be many Jaipur heritage walking tour questions. If you have any questions, we are happy to address them in our Jaipur Heritage Walking Tour FAQ. Find answers to your questions on heritage walking tours in Jaipur. If you don’t find it listed in the below FAQ, don’t forget to reach out to us. Contact Us.  We will be happy to get back to you ASAP. 


The Jaipur heritage walking tours are designed to complement your Jaipur travel experience. Jaipur walking tour is key to completing the missing piece that tourist attractions in Jaipur fail to provide. If you are an explorer or curious soul, a walking tour in Jaipur is highly recommended.

The Jaipur heritage walking tour starts during the morning hours. It varies depending on the season and is aligned with the sunrise time. Contact us for the precise time of the walking tour in Jaipur.

The best time for the Jaipur heritage walking tour is during the early morning hours. The timing of the walk is designed to complement your visit to the tourist attractions; the tour ends around the time when most tourist attractions open for visitors.

All our Jaipur city walks take place in the walled city or old part of Jaipur. This area is referred to by the locals as “Purana Shahar” or “Parokta”; now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Each of the Jaipur walking tour is different in terms of distance walked. Typically, the total distance covered is not more than 2 km in any of the Jaipur walking tours. The walking tours are designed to be an easy & moderate pace walk. These walks are attended by visitors of all ages and are senior citizen friendly.

Most of our heritage walking tours in Jaipur are designed for 90 minutes to 150 minutes depending on the type of walk.

The starting point of the walking tour in Jaipur depends on the type of walk. The starting point is communicated upon booking the walk along with the Google map link. The meeting or starting points are easy to locate and close to popular landmarks like Badi Chaupar, Hawa Mahal, and Choti Chaupar, to name a few.

We have reasonably good amount of experience in conducting walking tours in Jaipur for large groups. We ensure attention to every walk participant and believe in quality over quantity. Every query of the participant is addressed. 

Water, sunglasses, a camera, and comfortable attire & shoe. Other than these, a curious mind and an appetite for heritage & history!

Definitely! There is lot to see and experience for children on walking tours in Jaipur; it will help them comprehend the world better. We are more than happy to respond to their questions. Our age recommendation is 8+ 

Our heritage walking tours in Jaipur are designed to be an easy pace walk. We can modify our walk to suit the special requirements of the older citizens. 

We recommend booking our walking tours in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Our walking tours in Jaipur are not designed to end at the start point. We can assist with directions to help you reach where you need to go, after the heritage walking tour ends. 

For complete details on cancellations, refunds, payments, and other policies as well as terms and conditions, on Jaipur heritage walking tours, check out – Policy Terms And Conditions page

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