Heritage Walking Tours in Jaipur is like time travel, taking you to the lanes less traveled, and sharing forgotten anecdotes and narratives. The facades in Jaipur streets hide so much. The lanes, bazaars, and Havelis in Jaipur have experienced historic events and seen the city evolve over a journey of close to 300 years. Many travelers choose heritage walking tours in Jaipur to experience and capture the beauty of the mesmerizing architecture and sights of the walled city. 

About Jaipur Retold Heritage Walking Tours In Jaipur

Jaipur Retold is a passion project of Arv, a visual storyteller. He recounts the stories & pictures of Jaipur on Jaipurthrumylens.com, an award-winning blog on Jaipur. Check out- Jaipurthrumylens.com. Jaipur Retold is an effort to bring back the joy of exploring with well-curated & researched heritage walking tours in Jaipur. Read More

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Explore Our Walking Tours in Jaipur

A heritage walking tour in Jaipur represents one of the best ways to experience the less-explored aspects of the built and cultural heritage. While monuments have received a lot of attention over the years with tourism initiatives, it is only one aspect of heritage. Jaipur heritage walking tours represent a bridge to connect the missing link. Travelers have experienced a transition in the way they perceive heritage, history, and culture after undertaking walking tours in Jaipur with Jaipur Retold.

Why Our Jaipur Walking Tours Are Unique?

The leisurely-paced “Jaipur Retold” guided walking tours in Jaipur are focused on experiencing the history, heritage, and culture of the old city. Our well-curated Jaipur walking tours are intellectually stimulating and a great way to experience the city in an authentic and real setting. There is no better option than to experience the city by being showcased by a local with a guided walking tour. 

Retelling the stories & transition of the Pink City with walking tours

About Jaipur Heritage & UNESCO World Heritage

The old city of Jaipur popularly known as the walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The route of the Jaipur walking tour charts through this part of Jaipur, referred to by some as Jaipur Heritage City. It was accorded the status of UNESCO World Heritage status in 2019. The Jaipur walking tour is one of the best & unique things to do in Jaipur. 

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