Have you wondered what is the purpose of a heritage walk? There is a renewed interest in heritage across the world. There are many organizations and companies organizing heritage walks in various cities. Many of these are for-profit companies while others are doing so to raise awareness for the heritage or the past. In some countries, Heritage Walks are called heritage trails

What is the Purpose of Heritage Walk

The purpose of Heritage walks is to experience and support heritage conservation projects. The idea behind organizing the heritage walk is to disseminate information related to heritage buildings or anything of historical importance. 

Heritage walks are often used as an important tool to spread awareness about the history and heritage of a local area. These walks often lead to connections between heritage lovers. Moreover, Heritage walks provide new knowledge, pique interest, and eradicate the misconception among people.

To sum it up, a heritage walk is an activity that involves visiting heritage buildings or areas of historical importance. 

The reason for the resurgence of heritage walks is linked to heritage tourism. 

About Heritage Tourism and Heritage Walks in India

The emergence of heritage tourism as a sector within the tourism industry is important. This is a recent development spanning a period of the last decade and a half. In the Indian context, the rise of heritage tourism is fairly recent. Heritage walks in India has gained momentum within the last six years. 

A new travel trend has emerged among travelers traveling to experience history and heritage. These travelers are keen to hear stories and facts related to places of historical importance. This has provided impetus to this new concept which today we know as heritage tourism. 

Heritage walks are an integral part of heritage tourism. The rising popularity and the purpose of heritage walks is the fun element and experience these provide. Many feel that heritage walks in India are a great educational tool because they provide people with a connection with the local history. I have been instrumental in conducting heritage walking tours in Jaipur; the heritage walking tours have helped travelers and students understand the city better. 


Heritage Walks in India - Different Types and Styles

There are many styles of heritage walks. Most heritage walk companies in India organize conducted heritage walks; there are exceptions as well. Conducted tours are rehearsed plays where the walk leader disseminates the rehearsed narrative. There are disadvantages and advantages to this kind of heritage walk. The evolved travelers often dislike such heritage walks.

The reason for tour companies choosing this type of heritage walk is scalability. The walk leaders are made to rehearse the content; this allows tour companies to operate many heritage walks. The disadvantage of such heritage walks is that they lack the “soul” of a heritage walk.

Whatever type it may be, the purpose of heritage walk should be clear and meet the requirement of walkers. 

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